Introducing a new RSpec

Cyril Kato
1 min readJul 2, 2021

Last week, I released the first stable version of RSpec clone, a minimalist reimplementation of RSpec to enforce the guidelines and best practices outlined in the community RSpec style guide. This clone includes most of RSpec’s DSL to express expected outcomes with no magical powers.

To avoid confusion in the community, please note that the gem of this project is not rspec, it is r_spec-clone, and it is totally independent of

A man in front of a dashboard with two RSpec buttons.

If you want to try it on test suites, please note that it may require more effort than just adding an underscore to migrate to this clone since there are some behavioural reinterpretations to place emphasis on correctness, security and standardization.

You can read more on the project page, the documentation or directly in the code.

Happy testing with Ruby!